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AL-BARNI Body Buildo natural weight gain Capsules is a herbal remedy which aids in weight gain for Slim or skinny male and females. This weight gain Capsules helps in regulating body metabolism, increases stamina, aids in muscle growth, and increases weight naturally. It’s made up of 100 natural remedies that makes it free from any dangerous side goods. into corridor or pieces from adding body weight and mass it also strengthens bones, energizes brain and vision.

AL-BARNI Body Buildo Benefits:

  • – Best for male & female.
  • – 100% Contains natural ingredients.
  • – increase weight without Side goods
  • – No dangerous side effects.
  • – A herbal remedy.
  • – Metabolism controller.

  Flavor/ Variant/ Type/ Size

  •  60 Capsules / One Bottel / One Month

Overall Benefits:

  • – It strengthens the body.
  • – Increases body weight.
  • – Helps in muscle growth.
  • – Strengthens bones and other organs.
  • – Enhances vision.
  • – Sharpens brain.
  • – Fill Up Body and cheeks.

 How to Use Body Buildo:

  • – Take Al- Barni Body Buildo natural weight gain Capsules with milk after meal.
  • – It should be taken twice a day with milk.

Daily Dosage of Body Buildo:

  •  Take 1 Capsule in the morning and evening after meal  with a glass of milk.


Store it in a cool and dry place. Keep it down from direct heat, sun and moisture. Keep it out of reach of children and faves.

 When not to use: 

  •  It should n’t be used by individualities who are  Take any antipathetic Durgs of Allergy.


  •  Pregnant ladies should consult their Doctor before using Body Buildo natural weight gain Capsules.


  •  This supplement is presumably safe during nursing. still, consult your Doctor or over Coustomer Care  before using this supplement.


1. Does Al-Barni Body Buildo natural weight gain capsules have any side-effects?

No analogous side Effects have been reported with the use of Body Buildo natural weight gain.

 2. Is it effective in All Ages?

Yes, Body Buildo natural weight gain its can use all ages Male/female.

3. How should I use it?

Take the specified cure with milk or milk shake.

 4. Can I use further than the recommended cure for immediate results?

Do not use further than the specified cure of Body Buildo natural weight gain.

5. For how long should I use this weight gain capsules?

Al-Barni Body Buildo Is a Natural weight gainer Product, So It Use as per your weight Gain Requirements.

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  1. Arifa

    Best amazing and very resultvie .well done im totaly satisfied with the product

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Body Buildo Capsules in Pakistan

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