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Durex Lubricant Gel

Durex Play massage Lubricant gel In Pakistan a remarkable product that’s especially designed to enhance intercourse. This product has oneness as a result, Durex Play massage Lubricant gel In Pakistan provides relaxation and comfort with the woman. It gives magnet, newness, and stimulation for sexual exertion. Sample Condoms Are Also Filled With Water To Make Sure They Don’t Leak. Durex Lubricants In Pakistan (To Be On The Safe Side, We Conduct About Two Million Of These Water Tests Per Month.) All Condom Types Are Also Dermatologically Tested.

What is The Benefits Of Durex Lubricant Gel?

Lube reduces friction, so lessens your risk of injury during sex. And if you’re using condoms, it’s got a zingy, refreshing taste and fresh, clean fragrance, you can use it with all Durex Condoms. It is not a contraceptive and it doesn’t contain spermicide. lube also makes it less likely that it’ll break or fall off, therefore increasing your protection against STIs including HIV.

Where Do You Apply Durex Tingling Gel?

You can spray it all over the body, even the intimate areas, to add the needed moisture. Durex gel is soft and silky and renders the same effect on the body. Moreover, it is quite easy to use. All you need to do is to dab it on the skin and massage it.

Durex Play Massage Lubricant Gel

200 ML Size

Best For Smoothness , Dry Vagina & Full Body Massage

Original By Durex Brand

Made in UK

Durex Play Lubricant Oil

Durex Play 2 in 1 Lubricant Oil For Smooth sex & Body Massage

Durex Lubricant Gel How To Use ?

  1. Take off the cap and just squeeze gently, smearing the lube onto your intimate area and all over your body.
  2. And when you need more, just help yourself.
  3. Durex Play Saucy Strawberry Lubricant Gel is suitable for vaginal, anal and oral sex.

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200 ML

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  1. Asif

    Bahut hi behtarin product hai,, Durex Lubricant Gel Thanks Etsyamazom.pk

  2. Shan Ali

    Good Product

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